Forest Heaven

I adore visiting Francis King Park. I don’t know who Francis (is?) was or why there is a park named after him but I am so thankful there is! Every visit fills me with a calmness one can only find when surrounded by the sounds and sights of nature. (And it’s a bonus that our dog gets to run freely to her heart’s content!)

Francis King 1 Franics King 2 Francis King 3 Francis King 4 Francis King 5 Francis King Nox 3


Frosty Morning Photos

Although we don’t have cold weather (I heard the wind chill in parts of Alberta was in the -40’s C) it was still cool enough to generate some frosty bits last night. Here’s what I found this morning at the park.

nov20 3 nov20 4 nov20 5

What better way to keep warm than chase a ball with a friend?! (Mine’s the black one out in front…the whippet in her makes her speedy!)nov20 2 nox